Membership Certificate

for the

Friends of the Black Forest Preservation Plan

By signing this membership certificate I am declaring my support for the Black Forest Preservation Plan (BFPP) and the vision statement outlined below. I also state that I live within the planning area of the Preservation Plan. If I live outside of the planning area I would like to join as an associate member. I am further designating the Black Forest Land Use Committee as my official representative to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Preserve the natural beauty, resources, and rural, residential way of life that define the Black Forest.

  2. Review and evaluate development proposals to guide development.

  3. Work with developers and El Paso County Development Services to insure development is consistent with the Preservation Plan.

Preservation Plan Vision Statement

- Preserve a natural setting while permitting development

-- Encourage open space and wildlife corridors

-- Encourage trails, parks and conservation easements

-- Preserve wetlands, forests and wildlife areas

-- Minimize light pollution

-- Encourage larger building setbacks from roads

- Residential density of 5 acres per lot in timbered area

-- Encourage density of 5 acres per lot in non-timbered area

-- Encourage clustering

- Route major transportation corridors around the Black Forest

- Conserve and manage underground water and aquifers

- Limit and centralize commercial development

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